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80% of European women believe that aesthetic beauty treatments are acceptable investments

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Four out of five European women think that it’s ‘the norm’ to spend money on aesthetic procedures like dermal fillers, botulinum toxin, and laser treatments to maintain their looks as they grow older.

These findings were revealed as part of the comprehensive study as part of the Merz Aesthetics ‘Face Value’ Beauty Report, of almost 3000 women from across France, Spain, Italy, Russia and the UK.

The report explores all aspects of the aesthetic beauty procedure market — from attitudes toward cost to the necessity for clinically-tested safety, and one of the most striking research areas looks at the lengths women will go to in order to get the treatments they want.

Despite the fact that economists predict that we are in a continued recession, 29% of women with experience in using facial injectables admit they would buy fewer or cheaper groceries to pay for a treatment, while 31% say they would seek out a second or better paying job.

The data further reveals that:

  • 80% of women think beauty is under each person’s control and can be shaped or
    enhanced (an important fact given that 95% would like to improve or alter one or more of
    their facial features)
  • Over two thirds of women (69%) do not think it’s superficial to undergo an aesthetic
  • 45% of women now consider aesthetic procedures to be a necessity and not a

‘Women are and always have been under a lot of pressure to look their best,’ said Pat Altavilla, Vice President, Global Marketing, Merz Aesthetics.

‘There are numerous things they can do to maintain their appearance and having aesthetic procedures with injectables is just one option – what’s refreshing though, is that the stigma surrounding them seems to be disappearing.

‘Facial injectables have already helped millions of women deal with their wrinkles, and we believe that figure will continue to rise as more women appreciate the positive effects of investing in this form of beauty maintenance.’

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