What You Should Know

Essential questions you should ask if you are considering a medical aesthetic procedure:

Which brands and products do you use and why?

When it comes to quality not all aesthetic products are the same. Skin Deep Medical uses the highest quality, industry leading products that are supplied by a UK Pharmacy. Understanding what is right for you is a conversation to have with your Skin Deep Medical practitioner at your full medical consultation

Has the product been extensively tested and researched?

Aesthetic products should be backed by science and have a proven track record. Skin Deep Medical do not buy products on-line and only use those that have the highest record for safety and efficacy.

Is the Manufacturer one you trust and if so, why?

Yes, all of the Manufacturers are the industry leaders in their field. You only deserve and want the best for your face and body. Learn more about the history, science and the quality of the products from your Skin Deep Medical practitioner.

How widely is the product used around the world?

Confidence in a product comes with use, knowledge and experience. Find out about the specific uses of products and the results by talking to your Skin Deep Medical Practitioner during your consultation.

How satisfied are your clients with the results?

We work with our clients to ensure they receive the best products and treatments that are right for their specific needs, expectations and budget. We only treat when we know it is appropriate and right for you. We will ensure we provide you with the best after care so we know that you are happy with the results.

Who is my practitioner and how experienced are they?

Our services are provided by some of the industry’s most experienced and professional specialists. Indeed, you can rest assured that your clients will be in the hands of a highly skilled and qualified team of medical practitioners. All Skin Deep Medical Practitioners are fully qualified and experienced medical practitioners. Feel free to ask for more details when booking your consultation

Who are Skin Deep Medical and why should I choose you?

Established 8 years; Skin Deep Medical is a name synonymous with Quality and Customer Service in medical non-surgical cosmetic beauty procedures. At Skin Deep Medical we are passionate about providing first class customer service ensuring that every single customer has an outstanding client journey from their first contact, through to the consultation, the treatment and the after care service we provide.

Remember it is your face and your body, so please make sure you are fully informed before you decide to have a treatment whether that is with Skin Deep Medical or any other provider.