Why Choose Skin Deep Medical?

  • The Skin Deep Medical team prides itself on providing clients with clinically proven treatments and products in a safe environment.
  • Our Medical Practitioners are qualified in their specialist field and are highly trained in the latest procedures and techniques
  • Our treatments are only carried out by qualified, trained and certificated medical practitioners
  • Confidentiality and honesty
  • We pride ourselves on providing a highly personal and flexible service
  • Our clients know our treatments are highly effective and that we always do what is right for them
  • We aim to deliver the best results in the most relaxed and professional environment possible, ensuring you have peace of mind every step of the way
  • At Skin Deep Medical we have created an environment where you can feel at ease and talk in complete confidence about your needs
  • Our outstanding services mean over 83% of our clients rebook and 94% say they’d recommend us to their friends
  • We specialise in anti wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers for line smoothing and filling, skin rejuvenation, facial contouring and cheek enhancements and micro skin needling
  • At Skin Deep Medical we treat you as an individual. We create bespoke treatment and aftercare packages tailored specifically to you. Every procedure has a face-to-face and in-depth consultation ensuring you are entirely satisfied with every aspect of your experience with us
  • Our Medical Practitioners regularly attend workshops and conferences to broaden our skill base and keep up to date with the latest techniques and industry developments, so you can be confident you will receive the best care with us

Our Commitment to You

The Skin Deep Medical Client Promise Means We Strive To Always;

  1. Make our treatments more accessible to a wider audience whilst ensuring that the whole experience is one that makes our clients feel ‘special’
  2. Ensure that all our clients are listened to, consulted with and treated in a relaxed, professional and caring way so that they leave us feeling that they have had an exceptional experience, as well as achieving great results.
  3. Guarantee that all our medical practitioners are professional and caring, fully trained and certified to carry out treatments to the highest standards
  4. We work from multiple carefully chosen locations not often found in the medical aesthetics industry. This often enables clients to have medical treatments in an environment familiar to them e.g. local spa, gym or quality high street beauty salon. Skin Deep Medical treatments are accessible to everyone locally

Why You Should Only Have BOTOX AND Facial Fillers Carried Out By a Doctor/Nurse and NOT a Beauty Therapist

  • The training has been extensive over many years, not a one-two day course with only an hour of this time physically holding a needle
  • Qualified practitioners discuss health, medication and side-effects to adequately inform you about the overall benefits and risks involved
  • Doctors/Nurses are trained in injecting techniques and experienced in injecting material into patients
  • They are trained to deal with rare, but potentially life-threatening, Anaphylaxis reaction
  • They can recognise the occurrence of skin necrosis and treat this accordingly
  • They are able to administer Hyaluronidase (an enzyme antidote to dissolve unwanted filler)
  • Doctors/Nurses are trained to recognise infections and are able to instigate appropriate treatment
  • They are familiar with disposal of blood stained waste and cleanliness to avoid cross-contamination
  • They have a regulatory body who regulates their activities, ensures they are insured and can discipline them if required
  • Doctors/Nurses are practice with the full support of the companies who manufacture Dermal Fillers
  • Even doctors can’t remotely prescribe Botox. Any Doctor, Dentist or Nurse prescriber needs to do a face to face consultation prior to prescribing Botox. Other POMs not for cosmetic purposes may be different but Botox is extra special and has rules of its own