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Academy of Cosmetic Training bows out of non-medic Botox training

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Back in August 2010 we covered the story of a company based in Warrington called The Academy of Cosmetic Training who were offering training courses in the administration of Botox® and dermal fillers to non-medics.

The company proudly explained on their website at the time that ‘even those without prior knowledge are able to administer these injections after undertaking a Botox® or dermal filler training course’ which they were now offering.

All you needed to attend one of their courses was to have passed a Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology course which are available through many providers nationwide.

Upon injection of four real people on the day of the training course a certificate of competence would be issued with insurance company and prescribing buddies recommended!

At the time, their testimonials page declared rave reviews from a beauty therapist, a tattoo artist and a diabetic who was now busy injecting all of his wife’s friends with dermal fillers and Botox® after attending their various courses!

Despite our own shock at this company’s activities and the feedback that we also received from active UK aesthetic practitioners and industry participants, it seemed that not a lot could be done to stop this activity.

Well it would seem that our Fairy Godmother has done it for us. A recent visit to the website for The Academy of Cosmetic Training ( revealed that the company’s own declarations and activities have indeed caused their downfall. In a statement, on what remains of their original hosted site, they say;

“We are no longer providing training courses in any aesthetic procedures due to the hundreds of emails received daily from people who do not have any of the relevant or transferrable skills required to train in aesthetic procedures”.


We hope, like us, you will see this as a victory for the industry and common sense. Just because currently anyone can legally inject another person with cosmetic injectables doesn’t mean that it’s right to do so

Source: Lorna Jackson

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