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Courteney Cox admits regular botox

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She’s one of the most recognisable TV actresses in the world, so it perhaps comes as little surprise that Courtney Cox-Arquette has admitted to regular use of botox.

The actress confirmed she’d succombed to the facial fillers in a new interview with InStyle US, saying: ‘Ageing gracefully is one thing, but trying to slow it down is another.’

‘Sometimes I use botox,’ she admits. ‘Compared to most, I use it very sparingly. ”One time, I did too much though. I feel weird if I can’t move my face, and that one time I overdid it, I felt trapped in my own skin,’ she says.

‘I don’t have a problem with any of that stuff; if it makes you feel better about yourself, and it’s done properly, then fine.

Source: Marie Claire

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